The best in hand made, one of a kind, bears, dolls and critters. On show and on sale four times per year in February, May, August and November.

Our upcoming shows are: Festive or Tranquil starting 25th of Nov 2022 and Simple or Stunning starting 17th of Feb 2023.

Our latest show "Mini's or Maxi's" is now closed!
(Psst... There may still be a bargain or two available. Check the stalls below or hit the Listings link in the menu above before they are taken down.)

Thank you to all our wonderful Artists for participating in our show and thanks to all who voted.

Stay tuned for our next show, details very soon...

Votes have been tallied and the winners of the "Mini's or Maxi's" show are on display below.

Congratulations to them all and a huge thank you to everyone who participated and voted.


1st Place: Parker Bears


Equal 2nd Place: Bears From The Meadows


Equal 2nd Place: Love Bears all Things

Congratulations to the winners from our previous show "Calm or Colourful"


Equal 1st Place

DELPHINE by Kympatti Bears Australia


Equal 1st Place

Introducing Thelma & Louise... by Bears From The Meadows


Equal 2nd Place

Vincent by Wee scone


Equal 2nd Place

Fleur by Parker Bears