Welcome to Bears from Middle-earth and my new RAINBOW MAGIC COLLECTION especially made for this show!
Keep an eye on my FB page in the coming weeks for sneak peaks.

Bears from Middle-earth is quite the family affair. I have been enjoying bear making since 2000. I developed my unique 'Bears from Middle Earth' look back in 2003. For a number of years, my bears hibernated while I brought up my family. My mum, Annetta continued to be very involved with the bear world, running workshops with overseas artists at her studio, teaching, and trading at shows in New Zealand and Australia.

With my children now independent, Mum and I have been working together on my Middle-Earth designs. As well as creating bears from the original concept, together we have diversified a little from the original designs, and enjoyed incorporating new trends.

2020 has bought many new changes to Bears from Middle-earth which includes my unique ‘masked’ bear collection pieces, which are set to spark your childhood memories, warm your heart ♥️ and put a smile on your face.

Now you can even create your Bear from Middle-earth with our range of kitsets and patterns.

Listings available for viewing in 1 day.