Lumi - The Winter-Dodo

Lumi is 9.5cm (3.7“) tall and made of beautiful light turquoise – grey coloured hand dyed shaggy plush.
The face is shiny white miniature fabric, beak is made of brown Ultra Suede and his feet are made of petrol coloured Ultra Suede.
Lumi has 4mm glass eyes, a disc joint in his neck and wire inlays in his feet.
He is filled with sheep wool and steel shot in his feet, to make him stand more secure.
His hat is knitted with miniature knitting needles 0,8mm (UK21) with finest pure wool.
The scarf is knitted as well but I used blue multi-coloured cotton thread.
Lumi stands on an icy looking knitted maple leaf. I used fine pure GOTs certified wool as well.
By the way, Lumi is the finish word for snow.

My name is Sabine Cheshire and I started to make teddy bears 1998, while living in the UK, now I am living in a small town near Berlin / Germany.
During my visit of the Kensington Dolls House Festival in London I saw for the first time miniature bears and I was absolutely fascinated.
I started directly to make miniature bears and because I was a keen knitter, I knitted the clothing on miniature needles (0,8mm UK21).
Today I am not just making and designing miniature bears but many different critters, like snails, sheep, mice, rhinos, dodos and many more.
No one is bigger than 8cm (3,5 inches), the smallest one I ever made was a 9mm sheep (0,35 inches).
Most of my bears and animals are OOK, specially if they have hand knitted clothing and handmade accessories.
All my miniatures are disc jointed and filled with steel shot and sheep wool. I use a wide variety of materials like miniature teddy fabrics, rayon, plush and Ultra Suede.

I was very proud to win the TOBY Industry's Choice Award & Public's Choice Award 2019.

I love it to give my miniatures their own personality and I am happy if they put a smile on your face.

If you have any questions about my critters or the shipping, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!!!

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