About the charms of vacation you can talk endlessly, Vacation is a visit to the wonderful islands, huge palm trees and beautiful tropical forests! The combination of sky blue, green, soft tones gives a feeling of fresh breeze. Warmly foaming, transparent, emerald waves and the blinding whiteness of sandy beaches involuntarily awaken the image of childhood, the long-cherished dream. Experience this unforgettable experience!


Alina Priymak

Contact the Artist

Welcome! My name is Alina, I live in Ukraine. I met "Teddy Bear world" in 2011. And now the creative hobby takes all my free time. To create the bears, I use only the best quality mohair, alpaca and artificial fur. They are all created by myself from my own original patterns and designs.
I'm very happy that I will if my toys find their place in your home!
If you have any questions I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible. Please contact me by e-mail priymakalina83@gmail.com

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