Enabling PayPal notifications.

Updated over 2 years ago. Categories: Help

Recent changes to PayPal have made it necessary for you to add a setting to your PayPal account which enables Instant Payment Notifications. These notifications happen when someone purchases one of your listings and tells eBearShow to mark the item off as sold. It is important to enable this or you will need to mark sold listings off manually.

Here's the procedure. Note: this must be done in a browser such as Safari or Chrome, by logging into your account at PayPal.com. You cannot do this via the PayPal app.

Step 1. After logging in, click on the settings icon.

Step 2.
Click on "Seller Tools".

Step 3.
Click on "Update Instant Payment Notifications".

Step 4.
Click on "Choose IPN Settings".

Step 5.
Enter the URL into the field and click on "Save". The URL you need to enter is http://ebearshow.com/payment_notifications

Step 6.
Check the setting is correct then return to your profile.

Lastly, please contact us at wendy@ebearshow.com when you have completed this procedure so we can test it for you. If you have any questions or need help, please contact us.