Blossom is part of the Rainbow Collection.

Behind the garden gate is a garland of the most vibrant blooms. Flowers like fairies at play with colors to weave dreams from

The gentle tapping of rain soon begins, and the flowers droop under the weight of the droplets. A silvery mist rises from the damp earth as a stream of sunlight starts to dance.

Through the mist comes a startling band of colors hung in the sky. The beautiful rainbow offers the promise of hope.

Life is like a rainbow, you need both the sun and the rain to make the colors appear


Warm Heart Bears


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Welcome to Warm Heart Bears Bear Show Page. Thank you for visiting with us today.

​My teddy bears are made from traditional bear crafting techniques that have been mastered during more than two decades of bear making. The bears are identified by a heartfelt attention to fine details that create a unique character. Every stitch, every detail represents a passion and a love to create something one of a kind. These teddy bears are filled with hope and love, crafted from my heart, especially for you.

I hope you will enjoy meeting my teddy bears. May they “Warm your Heart” for many years to come.

To inquire about my work, shipping or to join my email list please email me at: warmheartbears@comcast.net

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