Verity is off to the market with her cart filled with wonderful home grown strawberries. Verity has been created from traditional pale pink sparse German mohair. I have added definition to her face, paw/foot pads by airbrushing. Fully 5 way jointed with English glass eyes. Filled with glass sand for added weight. Verity stands 4.5" ~ 11.5cm

Verity is wearing a vintage cotton lawn pale pink dress with gorgeous strawberries & leaf pattern, hand sewn sew by myself. The dress is designed to look oversized & I have aged the dress to give an authentic look of bygone day teddy bears with a lavender stain, she has a matching bow in her hair. I also added vintage lace. Verity is wearing a pretty deep red love heart around her neck. The cart has been handmade by my husband & filled with gorgeous strawberries!


The Old Folly Bears

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The Old Folly Bears by Amanda Jayne. I like to design & create smaller bears around 3-5.5 inches, normally based on traditional/old timers in a whimsical way. I use the finest German mohair to recreate your first childhood teddy bear or a bear that your grandmother had in her childhood. My bears are filled with organic pellet or glass sand for added weight.

My bears are created to look vintage in style, some are even threadbare, they are designed to look like they’ve had many hugs & lots of love over the years. Each bear is hand stitched, I then add rustic embellishments like pendants or hand sewn clothing.

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