Shaz Bears

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Please can I say to start ..the prices I have put on for this special on line sale are up to 40 %discounted and are a great price for these specially made bears
I do take lay but for up to 3 months and do a discount on shipping for more than one purchase please just email me direct with any questions
Hi my name is Sharon Hale; I am an Australian Artist and have been selling bears for 20 years.
All my bears are hand sewn and filled with steel and Dacron to make them appear heavy and life like.

The outfits are made from the best quality material which has been collected over many years. The work is fine and lace is heirloom lace, all the work is over locked and the embroidery is beautifully done by one of my best friends. I have a few helpers who love making little 2 ply cardigans and miniature items and all are made exclusively for Shaz Bears.
Every bear I make is one of a kind and never done twice.
Every bear has English high quality glass eyes. They are totally hand sewn with nylon thread to make them last generations.

They come complete with swing tag name and limited number as well as a back tag sewn in to the bear. Sometimes I do sign the foot of the bear as well.

Please put you name down on my teddy bear making list I teach every Monday Tuesday and Wed nights and it is just a great fun experience to make something great and meet fun people

Listings available for viewing in about 1 month.