Original Mon Bears

Contact the Artist

Hello and welcome to the Original Mon Bears stall where all bears shown have been designed and entirely hand crafted by myself, Monique van Maanen.

I am an Australian bear artist who is passionate about bear making. I have been designing my own bears since early 2016.

Original Mon Bears are easily recognised by their soulful expressions and large colourful eyes. I'm not happy with a bear until it looks alive, in fact my collectors have told me they sometimes find themselves having a chat to their Original Mon Bears- half expecting them to talk back!

Only the best quality materials (mohair and alpaca furs, German and English glass eyes) are used when creating an Original Mon Bear, and all my bears are stuffed with natural wool and stainless steel shot.

If you have any questions about the available bears or payments etc during the show, please reach out to me via email: or message me via my facebook page (link at top of page).

Please also visit my website- if you are interested to learn more- do check out my care instructions page in particular.

***Original Mon Bears are made solely for the adult collector- they are not suitable for children***

Listings available for viewing in 2 months.