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Young romantic poet.
Says that the poet, but no one has ever seen his poems.
But is this a reason to disbelieve him?
He'll come to you with his favorite workplace - a mattress. He doesn't part with it.

9 inch/ 23 cm sitting on a pillow
11 inch/ 28 cm in full growth

The Coala made of German mohair, viscose and plush;
-glass granulate;
-glass eyes;
Fastening on 5 t-pins.
Tinted with panpastel and pastel.
Scarf made of finest silk with pinned brooch-beetle



Nadya Karabas


Contact the Artist

My name Nadya and I'm a teddy bear magician...

I'm from Russia but my Teddy live all over the world.

I want to think that my work in which so much my human warmth, soul and dreams, are able to give a piece of happiness to someone I absolutely don't know.

So the world becomes kinder and brighter.

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