This boy will do only what he wants.
Maybe that's why it's so fun with him?

The Bear made of German mohair.
Bear looks at us through the glass eyes.
Stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, mineral granulate.
He is fully jointed and his head, legs and arms are movable.

Tinted with panpastel.

His legs are very mobile, so he can't stand on his own. But he can sit in so many different ways - put one foot on the other, turn around the toes in different directions... You can come up with its own version! Bolder!

Size 14,57 inch


Nadya Karabas


Contact the Artist

My name Nadya and I'm a teddy bear magician...

I'm from Russia but my Teddy live all over the world.

I want to think that my work in which so much my human warmth, soul and dreams, are able to give a piece of happiness to someone I absolutely don't know.

So the world becomes kinder and brighter.

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