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Contact the Artist

Hello, my name is Silvia Maier, I'm from Austria and i will design and make teddy bears since 2008.

At this show I want to show you new crocheted bears and dolls.
It is so nice what you can do everything from yarn. Look at all the teddies and dolls. They are made up of a lot of work because each piece is crocheted crochet by stitch and they all have been redesigned and made.

Special care I put on the look of the bear and the dolls, the expression of the face.
My teddies and dolls are only of the highest quality.

If you have questions to one of my bears, or the shipping, just send an email:

love greeting your

My Awards

2010... 3.Platz gläserner Teddy
2011... 2.und 3.Platz gläserner Teddy
2012... 1.-2.und 3.Platz gläserner Teddy
2013... 1.und 2.Platz Ted Worldwide
2013... 2.und 3.Platz gläserner Teddy
2014... 2x... 1.Platz Ted Worldwide
2014... 2.Platz Gläserner Teddy
2015... 3.Platz Ted Worldwide
2015... 3.Platz URSA Award
2015... 3.Platz Meisterteddy
2016... 2.und 3. Platz Ted Worldwide
2017... 2.Platz URSA Award