Libellula Lilla Teddy Boutique

"Polka-dot Clouds" Collection (Summer 2019)

•• All the teddies are made of viscose (origin: Germany) and cotton (origin: USA, Italy)
•• The eyes are made of glass (handcrafted in Germany)
•• Arms, legs and head have joints inside so the teddies can move them and change position
•• The costumes are removable, hand-sewn of cotton/linen/viscose/laces (origin: USA, Italy, Netherlands)
•• Every creation of Libellula Lilla Teddy Boutique has a small dragonfly embroidered on his foot
•• Every teddy will arrive in a gift box
•• Inside the box you will also find the"passport" with their story and a small watercolor painting to let you know who is your new dear friend:)


Libellula Lilla Teddy Boutique


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Far far away, where early in the morning the whole world is woken up by the birds' songs, the silk dragonflies are basking in the sun and the wind is making clouds from the cotton flowers - there you will find a door in the trunk of an old oak, in the middle of a lavender field. Look though the keyhole, and you will see a lot of toys made of childish dreams, sweet memories, old-time stories, sunlight and rainbows.
Please, come in, take your seats and feel yourself at home... Welcome to my "Libellula Lilla" workshop where these little forest inhabitants will tell you their stories.
I've been fond of painting and crafts since I was a child, at that time I started creating my first handmade toys. I've been always dreaming about dedicating my life to art and crafts. The name of my brand is "Libellula Lilla" - a "lilac dragonfly" in Italian; it was born after many years of working on style and details, after my first steps in exhibitions of crafts and design. Now I'm studying Art history in Italy (moved here from Odessa, Ukraine), and making these little creatures is still my favourite hobby and job. Each of them is inspired by the beauty that I see every day, by the persons which make me feel happy and by the stories that I've been told when I was a child.

Listings available for viewing in 4 days.