Maxine is a sweet and happy bear. She is 38 cm high when standing. She is made of exclusive mohair. She has five movable joints, and black glass eyes. In her belly she has a bag of steel pellets and she weigh by "birth" 565 grams. Her paws are made from miniature fabric. Filling is polyester. She has a nice satin bow .


Kunst-& Designstudio Aarset


Contact the Artist

I'm an artist, from Norway, and I have been making teddybears for many years. I design a bear, and create the patterns that I need. Then I make the teddybear. Miniature bears I'm sewing all by hand. The bigger teddybear I use sewing machine also. All the clothes and scarf I do by hand. I love working with teddybears, and I have to admit, they take all time during the days. Sometimes I make a doll , or paint a painting, draw a picture or illustrate a book.


Mr. Cinnamoon

by Kunst-& Designstudio Aarset

Size: 42 cm

Price: € 173.00

Mr. Cinnamoon is made of mohair and weigh by "birth" 600 grams. The filling is polyester. He is 42 cm when standing. He has black glass eyes and five movable joints. The scarf is handknitted from silkmohair yarn. The bow ribbon is from dark blue satin.



by Kunst-& Designstudio Aarset

Size: 70 cm

Price: € 571.00

Mr. Vanilla is made of exclusive mohair with long pile, and he weigh 1200 grams by "birth". He has real leather paws and on the front of his ears. He is 70 cm when standing. He has five moveable joints and he has brown glass eyes. The nose is hand embroided. Filling is polyester. The scarf is hand knitted from silk mohair yarn.