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Alexis and Dominic are a one of a kind set of bears, all hand sewn and designed especially for this show. Alexis is a Druid bear made from natural colour string mohair. His face has been hand sculptured and airbrushed to give him his ageless appeal. His beautiful teal cloak is spectacular in both colour and print- the colour in particular helping to cameflage him as he takes care of his beloved woods. Alexis's loyal friend Dominic is forever at his side as they forage together through the woods collecting , foliage, pine cones and berries. Dominic is a very cute grisly bear made from the loveliest mission brown synthetic fur with cream tips. The set comes with a beautifully hand decorated and beaded sleigh, that holds all the treasures they have collected. The set is elegant and will add a touch of class to any bear enthusiasts collection. We hope you like meeting Alexis and Dominic.



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KresseKraftz's bear designer Sue Kresse has been making unique and quality bears for nearly 20 years. Every one of her bears has a distinct personality and are quirky and individual. She uses only the best quality materials and most of her designer bears are one of a kind. Most of her bears are miniatures and her constantly evolving style often brings amusement to her customers as she continually looks for new ideas and adds 'critters' to her creations. Her love of fantasy can be seen in all she does, and her imagination is endless. We hope you enjoy her bears as much as she enjoys making them!

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