I have named her Aygül which means "moon rose" in Turkish. Her pink alpaca fur is very soft to touch and features a beautful contrasting brown base.
Soft brown felt spines run from the top of her neck to the tip of her tail.
Aygül features beautiful handpainted glass eyes in sparkly orange and copper tones. In place of "eye whites" Aygül has eye blacks in black glitter wool felt. She also has a handsculpted polymer clay nose in pink and black swirls that glitter in the light.
Her wings are posable and also made of pink alpaca on the outside and chocolate coloured suede on the inside. This suede also features in her inner ears.
Aygüls tail is weighted with glass which helps to make her more posable while her body is softly stuffed with polyester.
Aygül has been uniquely designed and handmade by The Jaded Bearsmith


The Jaded Bearsmith

Contact the Artist

I have always loved creating. Even as a child I would handstitch funny little clothes for my dolls and make blankets for my horses. I have been making bears since I was a teenager with encouragement and guidance from my mother.
I first started making my own designs a couple of years ago and have finally began to branch out into other creatures, mostly dragons and cows. Which is what you will find in my stall today.

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