13 inches (33 centimeters) standing

Lilly Pilly is made from hand dyed curly mohair and dense alpaca. She looks out through black english glass eyes and has a perle cotton hand-embroidered nose which has been painted with acrylic paints and sealed. She is 5-way jointed and stuffed with polyfill and weighted with steel shot. Her foot-pads are made from ultrasuede. She features some very light shading to her paws and face with acrylic paint.


GiggleSprinkle Bears

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My journey of bear making started in late 2009. I had always wanted to try my hand at crafting a bear, but with little to no sewing knowledge, I put it off for many years. One day I decided to bite the bullet (with a push from Mum) and went to a Spotlight class with a lovely lady named Val. She taught me the basics of bear making and drove my love for the craft into overdrive.

I started designing and making my own bears in May 2011.

I use the finest quailty alpaca and mohair, and also use Sassy and Cashmere fabrics for mini's.

I live in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria with my two beautiful children and my wonderful, supportive partner.

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