Created from multicoloured wool, using the technique of dry felting. Paws and tail reinforced with wire frame. Tinted with artists' soft pastel. Eyes and teeth made out of polymer plastic, painted with acrylics and varnished. Decor - an acorn made out of polymer plastic. Height 15cm.

Toy is static, tightly felted, not intended for active children's games. Care recommendations: love and dry cleaning. The squirrel is easily offended if the acorn is taken away ;). The tail can be combed gently.


Felted toys by Oksana Bitter

Contact the Artist

Hello! Glad to see you in my store. My name is Oksana Bitter. I live in Russia and I create animals from sheep wool using the technigue of dry felting. Nature and animals are the source of my inspiration, each toy is made with great love and tenderness.
Wool is a natural material which over time will not lose its properties. Dry felting technology allows you to save an ideal new condition of toy for a long time.

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